97 minutes, Fiction, 2019
Pedro, a 70 year-old gay nurse and a big Greta Garbo fan, needs to find an empty bed in the hospital in which he works to save his best friend Daniela. To do so, he decides to help a criminal in police custody called Jean escape from the premises. But then, worried about Jean's health he sets the criminal up in his apartment to be able to treat his wounds. The two wind up having a highly-charged affair that brings to the surface his own solitude, now augmented by Daniela's eminent death.
Marco Nanini, Denise Weinberg, Démick Lopes, Gretta Sttar
Directing and Screenplay: Armando Praça
Production: João Vieira Jr, Nara Aragão, Armando Praça
Executive Production: Maurício Macêdo e João Vieira Jr.
Direction of Production: Maurício Macêdo
Cinematography: Ivo Lopes Araújo
Art Direction: Diogo Costa
Editing: Karen Harley
Costumes: Thaís de Campos
Soundtrack: DJ Dolores (Helder Aragão)
Sound Capture: Pedro Moreira e Moabe Filho
Sound Mixing: Nicolau Domingues
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