Lama dos Dias
7 episodes, 50 minutes each, Fiction, 2018
The turn from 1989 to 1990. The Berlin Wall has just fallen, the Thatcher era comes to an end, Collor is elected president of Brazil and Recife receives the title of one of the worst metropolises in the world to live in. And it is precisely there, against all odds, that a group of young friends will create, from the lack of resources and the manipulation of technological tricks, one of the most important movements in the history of Brazilian music: the manguebeat. When students Bill, Farmácia, Adriana, Luli and Francisco get to know the band Psicopasso through EZK, a VASP employee with producer ambitions, the group dives into the never-before-navigated swamp of music and makes the lack of resources and excess of creativity and daring their greatest weapon. Little did they know that this movement would influence an entire generation.
Vitor Araújo, Geyson Luiz, Louise Lira, Isadora Gibson, Thiago Mercês, Matheus Tchôca, Débora Leão, Ênio Percival, Edson Vogue, Maeve Jinkings, Julio Machado
Direction: Hilton Lacerda, DJ Dolores
Screnplay: Anna Carolina Francisco, Dillner Gomes, DJ Dolores e Hilton Lacerda
Production: João Vieira Jr, Nara Aragão
Executive Production: João Vieira Jr., Malu Campos
Production Company: Carnaval Filmes
Cinematography: Breno César
Art Direction: Maíra Mesquita
Direction of Production: Juliana Calles
Sound Recording: Rafael Travassos
Casting: Renata Roberta
Assistant Directors: Filipe Oliveira e Anny Stone
Screenings and Awards
1º Prêmio de Produção Independente no Rio2C de 2019
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