Fortaleza Hotel
77 minutes, Fiction, 2022
Pilar, a young chambermaid at the Fortaleza Hotel, is leaving for Dublin, where she will try a new life right after the turn of the year. Her path crosses that of Shin, a middle-aged South Korean guest, who came to Brazil to retrieve the body of her deceased husband back to Seoul. Both of their plans begin to go wrong and, despite everything that separates them, the two women end up getting closer and establishing an intense relationship of solidarity, seeking to find the solution to their problems in each other.
Clébia Sousa, Lee Young-Lan, Larissa Góes, Demick Lopes, Ana Marlene, Vanderlei Bernardino, Andrea Piol, João Fontenele, Raphael Souma, Jane Azeredo, Katiana Monteiro, Natasha Faria, Layla Sáh, Fabíola Líper, Tayana Tavares, Ícaro Eloi, Jéssica Teixeira, Yuri Yamamoto
Director: Armando Praça
Screenplay: Isadora Rodrigues, Pedro Cândido
Production: Maurício Macêdo, João Vieira Jr, Nara Aragão
Executive Production: Janaína Bernardes e Maurício Macêdo
Director of Photography: Heloísa Passos
Editing: Rita Pestana, Karen Harley, Gustavo Campos
Art Director: Diogo Costa
Costume: Tarsila Furtado
Music: O Grivo
Direct sound: Pedrinho Moreira e Moabe Filho
Sound editind and Mix: Caio Domingues e Nicolau Domingues
Color: Pablo Nóbrega
Assistant Director: Mykaela Plotkin
Director of Production: Clara Bastos
Production Companies: Moçambique Audiovisual, Carnaval Filmes
Screenings and Awards
31ª edição do Cine Ceará - Festival Ibero-americano de Cinema // Best Female Acting, Best Male Acting.
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