Party Over
100 minutes, Fiction, 2020
Returning early from his vacation after the Carnival period to investigate the murder of a young French tourist, Breno Wanderley is faced with possible reflections of his own history, from which he cannot escape. In the few days leading to post-Carnival Sunday, Breno tries to unravel the crime and sees in his son, also called Breno, a chance to reinvent himself in a broken and sullen city.
Irandhir Santos, Hermila Guedes, Artur Canavarro, Suzy Lopes, Ariclenes Barroso, Gustavo Patriota, Amanda Beça, Leandro Villa, Safira Moreira
Directing and Screenplay: Hilton Lacerda
Executive Production: Tarsila Tavares, Nara Aragão and João Vieira Jr
Cinematography: Ivo Lopes Araújo
Editing: Mair Tavares and Pedro Queiroz
Director of Production: Dedete Parente Costa
Art Direction: Diogo Balbino
Costumes: Chris Garrido
Make-up: Donna Meirelles
Sound Design: Nicolau Domingues
Music: DJ Dolores (Helder Aragão)
Sound Recording: Pedrinho Moreira e Moabe Filho
Sound Mixing: Sérgio Abdalla
Assistant Director: Letícia Simões
Screenings and Awards
Festival do Rio 2019 // Best Screenplay, Best Movie;
Festival Internacional do Novo Cinema Latinoamericano em Hanava;
47º Festival Sesc Melhores Filmes // Best Actor;
Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro 2021 // Best Supporting Actress;
Prêmio Guarani 2021 // Best Actor.
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