Bia Draws
13 episodes, 7 minutes each, Fiction, 2018
Bia (5 years old) and Raul (6 years old) are cousins. The children live with Raphaela and João, who are brothers. She is Bia's mother, he is Raul's father. The two houses were built on the same lot, facing a large backyard that the family inherited. This place is located on the outskirts of the metropolitan region of Recife. The puppy, Bolinha and the chicken Adelaide complete the team. The great adventure of children's lives is to meet after school to play and draw. The series encourages communication through drawings, notes and electronic messages. Investigating the themes that go through a child's mind as they expresses themselves with letters, scribbles and colors.
Creation: Kalor Pacheco e Neco Tabosa
Direction: Neco Tabosa
Screnplay: Kalor Pacheco e Neco Tabosa
Production: Nara Aragão
Art Direction: Raul Souza
Screenings and Awards
2ª edição da Feira de Literatura Infantil;
Festival Internacional de Audiovisual Negro do Brasil.
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